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There is an effective security services active at MTS. The employees with the Security Department thoroughly verify the information connected with illegal activities involving use of the company’s network that is coming in from its subscribers, company’s employees or law enforcement authorities, and take measure in accordance with the Law of Ukraine On Telecommunications.

The important compound of the struggle against swindlers is check-ups of observance of the confidentiality regime and audits of information systems at the company. These measures help detect unfair partners at the very first attempt of fraud, as well as prevent disclosure of personal data of the subscribers.

In order to fight swindlers, “MTS Ukraine” makes use of the best technical protection tools. There is an electronic Fraud Management System introduced at the company to automatically detect spam-mail-outs, cloned Sim-cards and other fraudulent elements directed both against subscribers and a line operator.

Security service with MTS actively cooperates with law enforcement agencies in the sphere of fraud prevention :

February 2011. As a result of joint cooperation of an operator and the law enforcement agencies, seized was an organised criminal group that disseminated on Internet announcements on payment of money in exchange for passport and identification code copies. Also, the swindlers promised a bonus for signing an agreement with MTS under condition that connected SIM-cards would be handed over to the offenders. The abusers convinced the wronged persons that those would not have to pay for the communication services. However, in a while, the subscribers started to receive account for the use of the cellular connection services reaching hundreds thousand hryvnyas. Having obtained SIM-cards of the citizens, the swindlers, were leaving the territory of Ukraine and organised fraudulent calls in roaming to “chargeable numbers” that belonged to foreign content-providers with high costs for a call. During an attempt of one of such departure, the militia officers seized the criminals and withdrew around 80 SIM-cards of the subscribers, mobile phones and other technical means.

October 2012. MTS took an active part in exposure of the activity of a group of mobile swindlers whose account contained about half hundred of thefts from banking cards. The security experts “MTS Ukraine” assisted the employees with the Department for Organised Crime Control in Sumy oblast in detection of a criminal scheme, which burned nearly half hundred of people which were using services of different Ukrainian operators. Presently the violators are detained and on rem The basis of the fraudulent scheme is the service rendered by some banks which allows drawing money from an account without a bank card available. The authorization requires but a one-time code sent to a mobile phone number.
The offenders found announcements from the people who were selling some goods on Internet, in newspapers or any other generally available source. The seller was offered a deal with payment for goods through money transfer to his or her banking card, and got known the number of the card..
The swindlers also transferred inconsiderable amount of money to the potential victim’s mobile phone number, made a couple of calls from various phone numbers, and elicited other information on the number in a fraudulent way. The obtained data were used to gat a duplicate of the allegedly lost SIM-card of the victim. The offenders received an authorization code to this number to withdraw money through a cash dispenser..