Children on Internet. Simple rules

Advices to provide informational safety of your child.

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  • Trust relations with your child allow keeping up with the information the child comes across on the Network.
  • Explain the children that the same rules of conduct should be observed on the Internet as in the real life.
  • Teach the children to respond properly to offensive words or actions on Internet. Explain them that it is not worth to socialise with aggressively minded users. Make sure that the offenses borrowed from the Network do not transfer into the real life of your child.
  • Tell the child about the dangers of socialising with unknown people he or she may meet on Internet, and explain why adults should be without fail taken along to the first meeting with an online-acquaintance in the real life.
  • Explain the child that information of the private nature: the name, address, telephone and so on, must not be discovered.
  • Inform the child on the most widespread methods of fraud on the Network.
  • Never open attachments sent from suspicious or unknown addresses, and teach not to do so your child!
  • Install on your computer Antivirus software and filters helping blocking undesirable contents.
  • Make sure the site on which you or your child is going to make a purchase is safe. Do not leave your child with a free access to bank cards and payment requisites with which the child may make a purchase on his or her own.
  • Use only licensed software and data received from reliable sources on your computer.
  • Use standard services of the operating system, for instance, “Parent control” in Windows; it allows limiting the children’s access to Internet, appoint a time when they may use a computer, determine what games they may play and what software they may use.

MTS services

MTS offers the parents a number of services to help detect the location of the child, control his or her mobile expenses and provide for information security.

Child surveillance

The service allows seeing the location of the children, relatives and friends on a city map. The service is based on detection of the location of a mobile phone of the subscriber on the Network MTS Ukraine. It functions on any mobile phone of GSM standards and does not require installation, setting or start-up of additional software. The service is available technically throughout Ukraine. For more information on the service see

Child safety

The service assists providing an information security of the children, as well as prevents additional expenses. The service limits the access to GPRS-Internet, GPRS WAP, calls and sending of SMS/MMS to short numbers, MTS Click and MTS-Info. The service is available in SUPER MTS TEAM 2011 tariff for parents.For more information on the service see

Control over expenses

A possibility to control the state of your child’s account on your mobile phone.For more information on the service see


Even when the child is run out of money on the account, he or she would be able to call the parents to the numbers of My Family service and have one minute toll free for each call. The number of calls is not limited. The service is activated automatically in “Super MTS Team 2012.” For more information on the service see

For the parents’ convenience, we have gathered these and some other useful services in the tariff for parents and children “Super MTS Team 2012.”

Safe use of the mobile phone

Parents regard the purchase mobile phone for their child as a possibility to get in ouch with the child at any time, and make sure he or she is all right. In this case, the mobile communication is a safety tool. To make a mobile phone a reliable partner, and not a source of problems for the family, there are some simple rules to remember:

  • Make sure your child realises the designated purpose of the telephone, knows the principal safety rules and mobile etiquette while using a mobile phone:
    • It is switched off while at the lessons,
    • It should not be demonstrated without need in the presence of unknown people,
    • It should never be lent for unknown people,
    • The child should avoid talking over the phone in the street late in the night,
    • It should be carried in a pocket or a special sheath, not on a neck string or in rucksack, where the phone may be stolen from while in the public transport
  • Make use of the special “parents” tariff “Super MTS Team 2012” (Find the link and description of the tariff on site), where the child security services are preinstalled.