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Since lately, mobile banking services have been enjoying ever more popularity: services of the mobile payments and control over the banking account rendered by MTS to its subscribers alongside with the leading payment systems and banks of Ukraine.

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The mobile BANK-O-PHONE payment is a modern banking service that allows a client to manage his or her finances on the account with the help of a mobile phone. The servicing allows to pay for the services of mobile communication, utilities and other services, the services of commercial and entertainment complexes, goods and services on Internet, control the account balance, obtain the actual information on the request from the bank directly to the mobile phone.

“Mobile payments in cooperation with” service makes it possible to pay for goods and services with the personal Visa or MasterCard payment cards with the help of a mobile phone at any time. The service is functioning round-the-clock, and the payments can be made on-line. More details on the services.

“SMS-Banking” service allows receiving information on the state and balance of your card account, revenues and writing-offs of money from your card account. More details on the services.

When using banking cards, as well as mobileх of bank services, we recommend that you observe the following safety rules:

  • Connect an SMS-informing when your bank renders such service, in order to be aware of all movements on the monetary means on your banking account.
  • Do not tell unknown persons the PIN-code and CVV-code of the bank card either over the phone, or e-mail
  • Be careful during execution of purchases on Internet. Beware suspicious sites. Make sure that the location bar (URL) starts with “https://” (protected connection) on the page of bank card requisites enter.
  • Write down and have on you the contact number of your bank, so you could urgently contact the bank security service, should the case be.
  • Before using a cash dispenser, make sure it has no false details (an unsteadily installed key board or extra appliances near the slot for the card etc.). Most safe would be using of cash dispensers in the state establishments, bank affiliates, large commercial centres, hotels, and airports.
  • Be careful while using a cash dispenser at the presence of unknown people. Cover the key board with your hand while dialling the PIN-code.
  • Having used a cash dispenser, make sure the apparatus returns you the banking card.
  • While using a banking card to pay for the goods and services, the cashier may ask the owner of a bank card to enter the PIN-code. Before you dial the code, make sure that the people in the immediate proximity would not be able to see it.
  • Never relate your PIN-code while executing purchases on Internet, over the phone or Fax.
  • Do not lend your card to the third persons, nor tell them the PIN-code! If it is difficult for you to remember your PIN-code, put it down, but not directly on the card, and keep the note separately, out of the reach of unknown persons.

If you suffered from fraud related to a bank card, contact the support service at your bank.